Personal Shopping

$ 100.00

Personal Shopping: Fill In The Gaps

*For Existing Clients Only*

Life is busy and you don’t have time to research? Our 30-Minute Session may be just what you need.

In our 30-Minute Personal Shopping Service, maybe you want to break out of a makeup rut and fill in the gaps with something new and exciting! Maybe you need a seasonal update, or perhaps you’re looking at beauty products but not sure your choices are correct and you’ve wasted money doing it this way before. In this session, we’ll quickly shop together to find products that are perfect for you. I’ll help you save money in the long run by teaching you how to shop like a pro.

$ 150.00

Personal Shopping: BFF

For Makeup or Skin Care Makeovers

Sick of all the makeup in your makeup drawer, but don’t want to go to the beauty counter because all they’ll do is sell you something you don’t need?
In our signature 60-Minute Personal Shopping Service, we declutter either your makeup or skin care bag and build product selections around what you need.
We throw out old, expired makeup products and find colors and textures that are absolutely perfect for you, without the fear of the hard sell. Everything is completely customizable.
After our class, I’ll send you a list with links of everything I have recommended for you.

$ 200.00

Personal Shopping: Full Overhaul

For Skin and Makeup Bag Makeovers

If you’re serious about starting fresh and burning all the old stuff in a dumpster fire, my 2-hour session is the perfect fit.
In this session we declutter your makeup AND your skin care bag as well as evaluate your bathroom and lighting to see if your workspace is set up correctly.
We toss old, expired products and find colors and textures that are absolutely perfect for you. Your bathroom just got a makeover too!